I help men break through stuck places in their lives and COME ALIVE.

As a mentor for men, it is my life's purpose to help you gain clarity about your life's mission and to hold you accountable to action steps that generate maximum positive impact in the areas of health, love and work.

Andrew Belinsky

The world is ready for you to fully embody the man you were born to be.

The 4 Masculine Initiations

Based on Carl Jung's 4 Masculine Archetypes

Perhaps the least balanced archetype in modern time, the guardian is the "powerhouse" of the archetypes. He is disciplined and loves erecting boundaries to protect his people. Be it a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual battleground, he takes great care in reading the terrain and taking fearless inventory of his strengths and weaknesses. When the Guardian and the Healer are counterbalanced, he is unstoppable because he can feel in his heart exactly what he fights for.


The direct reflection of the Guardian, the Healer wants all boundaries torn down and to become one with the Universe. He is the master of all heart-centered and is governed by his unbridled passion and zest for life. He sees the beauty in all and knows how to live in harmony with and utilize the medicines of nature. He is a sensational man, in touch with his emotions and the living embodiment of art and music. When he is counterbalanced with the Guardian, the Healer is well-resourced and has a thriving practice.


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Notable Power Song Journeys

Rachel Forsyth

Grandmother and artist

This original song was created by Rachel Forsyth and Andrew Belinsky in 2017 over the course of a 4-hour recording session in a private home in Solana Beach, CA. Rachel, age 72, always held a deep desire to record original music the would outlive her and that her grandchildren could always remember her by. "Kiss the Ground" is just that.

For the record, Rachel had no prior experience with vocal recording or song-writing. The two of them burned some sage, did some yoga and started making sounds. This is a true testimony to the magic power of creating a safe expression sanctuary, creating an intention, and following your heart.

This was a one-take recording (unmixed and unmastered).


Event producer and Artist

"Dive In" was Erin's first ever fully produced track. This was a truly collaborative creation--the vocals and the beat came through simultaneously during a 4-hour studio session in San Diego, CA in 2014

This was a healing an especially healing experience for her since she had been mistreated by a man in a music studio in the past.

This was a one-take recording. (unmixed and unmastered).

Devra Gregory

Healer and event producer

It had been over 40 years (since high school) that Dev had played her flute. It took courage to show up to the studio with it and to play it--but the fingering and blowing came right back to her! Not only did she have a healing experience through remembering her inherent creativity, but she also made some amazing sounds--sounds that Andrew even ended up using in his debut Beloveski EP release!

The first sound you hear in this song is her flute, run through some effects. This song is mixed by Jose Dabdoub and mastered by Big Rock Studios.

Tommy Friedman

husband, Father and entrepreneur

On his bachelor weekend, Tommy had the wild idea to create a song for his bride-to-be Lindsey to sing her her at the wedding. Fortunate for him, his best man was also a music producer. Not only did they create a fun, upbeat song, but after a couple rehearsals, the groomsmen became the band. Watch in this video how the whole room sings together!

"This was a highlight of our wedding for sure. Family members still bring it up to this day!"

Jordan Belinsky

Father and Tennis coach

Jordan has recorded numerous tracks over the past 20 years, and he will tell you himself that this one is his favorite. "Where I'm From" was a true collaborative effort. In fact, when Jordan wasn't able get his own chorus fully dialed in, he invited Andrew (his cousin) to sing on the chorus, which ended up turning out great. Andrew arranged, structured and edited the vocals on this track--quite a feat when you listen in.


Chef and musician

Micaela had been writing poetry and singing by herself since she was a little girl. When her boyfriend at the time purchased her a Power Song Process for her birthday, she was both over-the-moon and scared to death.

Completing and recording her first complete song has been hugely transformational for her. She has now performed it live multiple times and continues to show it to her family and friends everywhere she goes. She now claims "musician" as part of her identity.

Elizabeth Tobias

Artists and ARt therapist

This soundtrack piece that was co-created with artist Elizabeth Tobias for her Death Gab for Los Angeles Art Association installation. Together, Elizabeth and Andrew found the sonic elements and eerie voices that were apart of this unusual and stunning exhibition.

This was Elizabeth's first time creating a track in a music studio.


Music producer and teacher

This meditation song by DTO was remixed by Andrew in 2017.

A note from DTO, the original artist of Spirit: "Andrew has musicianship as well as production skills AS WELL AS a deep seated spiritual practice. He is a space for wonderful ideas to emerge."

"In this remix, Andrew helped bring forward new life to the original song. His talent to bring in percussion and electronic beats made the song danceable and inspiring. It was a breakthrough for me as an artist to work with Andrew, a genius in motion. I highly recommend working with Andrew on any level of mentorship: coaching and music."

Daryn Belinsky

entrepreneur and muse

From Daryn: "Before working with Andrew, I had always been the kind of musician who could never write a whole song. I’d come up with a few lines and a chord progression here and there,  write it down somewhere, write it off as not being any good, and quickly forget about it. 

"I only have 2 completed original songs and Andrew is the one who coaxed them out of me. Andrew helped me realize that the process of song-writing is not as daunting as I had previously thought. It’s about finding patterns in the music and stringing them together. Andrew is a proficient producer, not to mention a multi-instrumentalist who is able to flesh out an organized musical landscape based off of a simple jam session."

This song is mixed by Andrew and un-mastered.

About Andrew Belinsky

Andrew is a musician, facilitator and community builder whose life mission is to unlock the transformative force of music within individuals and communities around the world.

After spending his early years as a signed & touring musician (Swingset Committee, Beloveski), he realized that his true passion is in helping everyday people tap into their own inner musicality . This led him to seek training in yoga (RYT-500 Viniyoga), men's work (MKP and Sacred Sons) and music facilitation (Health Rhythms, Music Medicine). Combining this unique blend of healing and creativity, Andrew has developed his unique Power Song Process which helps people turn their life challenges into musical breakthroughs.

Andrew has been activating voices and opening hearts through retreats, online programs and 1-on-1 studio sessions for over 20 years. He lives with his wife and daughter in Bend, OR where they host music circles and retreats on their land and in nature.

Immortalize your art through recording your song.

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